Get Your Cell Phone Repaired in Baltimore, MD

If your phone is broken and you need it fixed, call us or fill out the form to learn about how we can help you, without breaking the bank.

Pad & Tablet Repair

Is your iPad screen broken? Headphone jack stop working? Thankfully iPad repairs on most generations are very affordable and can be completed same day even while you wait in some cases. Each tablet is different, and our representatives will be the first to tell you if its worth NOT repairing but rather investing in a new one. We stock parts for the most common tablets, not the market, but we also have no problem special ordering items as well.

Tablet repairs do require a much higher skill set than your average cell phone repair. Frame bending is a common issue especially around the edges where the impact occurred. Our technicians have been training extensively on the most common tablets and how to identify and resolve frame issues. Each tablet that is repaired goes through a quality assurance checklist before being returned to the customer. But don’t worry, with every tablet repair we provide a complimentary 6-month warranty on our repairs.